Dear YSI Families,

As parents of kids who have been playing with YSI for many years, we would like to take a moment to express what YSI and The YSI Foundation mean to us and our kids. The YSI philosophy of emphasizing fun first, player growth, team building, and fair play resonate with us because it matches the values we have for our kids within the experience of competitive sports. Additionally, we embrace YSI’s approach of providing the right level of competition, which teaches our kids the joys of celebrating as a team and the resilience to carry on when things don’t go their way. We feel like these are important lessons that our kids will carry with them throughout life. With YSI, we know our children will strengthen their bonds with a Chicago and global soccer community, and become life-long fans and ambassadors of the beautiful game.

We know that it takes a village to raise our children well, and through their dedication to developing our kids and to soccer, we deeply trust the YSI coaches and staff to be valued and treasured members of that village. By now, so many of us have witnessed the many ways that YSI coaches and the YSI philosophy build up our kids’ self-confidence, empathy, and emotional and physical intelligence. We have seen how the YSI team cultivates within our children a sense of joy, hard work, humility in victory and persistence in defeat. Their interaction with our kids brings us joy. They’re inspirational, caring, and give them the proper amount of discipline that comes with being on a team. We see it in how they interact with each other, celebrating together after successes and supporting one another when they make mistakes. It is through these experiences that we see our kids grow, not only as soccer players, but also as positive, confident, and caring human beings.

As YSI parents and board members, we want as many kids as possible to have this YSI experience, especially those who would otherwise not have this opportunity. This is why we believe in and support The YSI Foundation. We had a very successful summer providing 4 weeks of summer camp to 50 kids from Centro Romero. If you haven’t seen this video, it says it all.

This year, our hope is reach even more kids. Please join us in supporting The YSI Foundation at our 2nd Annual Galazo on Friday, March 3rd. Buy tickets here and come have a great time with food and drinks, live music, and lots of great silent auction items. This year promises to match the joie de vivre of last year’s event, and unite us in celebrating a great cause. If you can’t make it, please consider a donation. Your support of the YSI Foundation in any way, is greatly appreciated.


Board Members and YSI Parents

David Feinberg
Neil Vincent
Wil Matthews


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