Dear YSI Families and Friends,

As YSI Parents and Board Members of The YSI Foundation, we would like to personally invite you to the First Annual YSI Foundation Galazo. We’ve been parents for the past 12 years… and for many of those years, we’ve entrusted the phenomenal YSI coaches and program in helping to develop, nurture, and educate our children. Nothing rivals the love we have for our children and families… though watching our favorite soccer clubs comes close. So, it’s been a profoundly delightful experience seeing our children grow up playing a sport we love- gaining confidence and camaraderie, developing friendships, continuing to hone their athleticism and leadership, and learning how to play the beautiful game beautifully. YSI has been a huge part in nurturing these skills and qualities in our children over the last five years.

We both recognize that we have the privilege and resources to provide our children with this phenomenal soccer and life instruction and guidance. We revel in how they are developing a love of the game and a love for their soccer family- a family that is local, national, and international in scope and scale. We have watched our kids score goals, make impressive tackles, demonstrate graceful footwork, and make tactful assists so their teammates can score. And as much as we celebrate our kids’ successes, and their team’s successes, we celebrate just as much when we see them rejoicing over a teammate’s success, and consoling their friends when the score does not reflect the heart, passion, and sweat they invest into their games.

The joy, the collaboration, the support, the growth, the family- we would love to make this available to all children who are taken with the beautiful game. We know that not all our amazing youth and their families have the resources and privilege to afford what YSI offers. The YSI Foundation is bringing the opportunity our families and children have benefited from to all of Chicago’s families, irrespective of financial resources and access. Let’s lean into the beautiful game together, and make this fantastic program available for all of Chicago’s beautiful families.

In soccer, service, and gratitude,

David Feinberg
Neil Vincent