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The YSI Foundation was founded with the belief that any child who wants to play the beautiful game should be able to play regardless of socioeconomic status.

Unfortunately, the rising cost of playing soccer, coupled with rising economic inequality, is increasingly leading poor and even middle-class families to hang up their cleats. The impact on the kids who are forced to quit is devastating - research shows kids who don’t play sports are more likely to be obese, less likely to get a college degree, and more likely to suffer chronic illnesses.

This is why YSI Parents and YSI Founders came together to start The YSI Foundation - to give more children the opportunity to play the beautiful game and the tools and community to succeed off the field as well as on the field.    

Through the generosity of our donors, The YSI Foundation will be able to provide financial assistance to participants and their families whose financial circumstances make it difficult to cover the cost of player dues and uniforms.  Your donation, no matter the amount, will help us help children The YSI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and as such, all contributions made to The YSI Foundation are tax-deductible.

For corporate sponsorship opportunities or other ways you can help, please see below and/or email


The YSI Foundation is so excited to announce its first annual Gala ("Galazo") on March 5, 2022. At our Galazo, our YSI Families and Friends will come together to raise funds and create positive change for children. Together we can make a difference one child at a time and have great fun doing it! Space is limited - Buy your tickets early!

7pm-11pm | Dancing | Open Bar | Appetizers | Silent Auction | Live Music
Special Performance by Grammy Nominated Opera Singer and YSI Mom, Janai Brugger

* Please note that no portion of the ticket price goes towards The YSI Foundation - the price of admission goes towards drinks, food, entertainment and the venue. To donate to The YSI Foundation, please click on the Donate Button below.

Covid-19 Restrictions: In accordance with City guidelines, all attendees must present proof of vaccination.


Dear YSI Families and Friends,

As YSI Parents and Board Members of The YSI Foundation, we would like to personally invite you to the First Annual YSI Foundation Galazo. We’ve been parents for the past 12 years… and for many of those years, we’ve entrusted the phenomenal YSI coaches and program in helping to develop, nurture, and educate our children. Nothing rivals the love we have for our children and families… though watching our favorite soccer clubs comes close. So, it’s been a profoundly delightful experience seeing our children grow up playing a sport we love- gaining confidence and camaraderie, developing friendships, continuing to hone their athleticism and leadership, and learning how to play the beautiful game beautifully. YSI has been a huge part in nurturing these skills and qualities in our children over the last five years.

We both recognize that we have the privilege and resources to provide our children with this phenomenal soccer and life instruction and guidance. We revel in how they are developing a love of the game and a love for their soccer family- a family that is local, national, and international in scope and scale. We have watched our kids score goals, make impressive tackles, demonstrate graceful footwork, and make tactful assists so their teammates can score. And as much as we celebrate our kids’ successes, and their team’s successes, we celebrate just as much when we see them rejoicing over a teammate’s success, and consoling their friends when the score does not reflect the heart, passion, and sweat they invest into their games.

The joy, the collaboration, the support, the growth, the family- we would love to make this available to all children who are taken with the beautiful game. We know that not all our amazing youth and their families have the resources and privilege to afford what YSI offers. The YSI Foundation is bringing the opportunity our families and children have benefited from to all of Chicago’s families, irrespective of financial resources and access. Let’s lean into the beautiful game together, and make this fantastic program available for all of Chicago’s beautiful families.

We hope you will join us on March 5th- get your tickets by clicking on the link below.

In soccer, service, and gratitude,

David and Neil (parents of River 2011 and Dylan 2012)



One way you can help make the beautiful game accessible to more Chicago children is by making a donation. Your donation, now matter the amount, will help us help children. If you are making a monetary donation to The YSI Foundation, don’t forget to ask your employer if they will match your donation.

Asides from making a donation to the YSI Foundation, YSI Families can help in many other ways, including, by:

  • Donating an item or service/experience to our Galazo Auction;
  • Becoming or asking your employer or local business to sponsor The YSI Foundation; or
  • Serving on volunteer parent committees to help plan our Galazo.

*Please email if interested in volunteering, donating an item to our Galazo Auction or becoming a Corporate Sponsor.

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Thank you for your interest in financial assistance through The YSI Foundation. Through donations, The YSI Foundation is able to provide financial assistance to participants and their families whose financial circumstances make it difficult to meet program fee obligations. The amount of financial assistance varies, and is limited. Please email us at for more information on how to apply.  Thank you!


Corporate sponsorship and donations from YSI Families & Friends not only provides critical, sustaining financial support for The YSI Foundation programs, but it also gives your company a unique opportunity for widespread visibility to thousands of Lincoln Park, Lakeview, & Old Town parent communities. The YSI Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and as such, all contributions made to The YSI Foundation are tax-deductible.

Please email if you are interested in  becoming a Corporate Sponsor. Thank you for your support!